New Woodblock Print Draft Completed

The newest woodcut has been completed and the edition is under way. This edition will be small because as of 2023, Barbick is now only doing editions of fewer than 5 prints in each edition. The woodcut took over 120 hours to cut over 4 months and multiple years to conceive.

Title: “Hiding in Plain Sight”

Image Size = 13.4″ x 21.4″

Paper Size = 17.5″ x 24″

Edition Size: 3 (2 for sale)

Price: $1500.00 (unframed)

Woodcut hand printed on Washi paper. No press used.

About This Work: Imagine you are peering across the way into the next building. Act as a voyeur and snoop looking deeply and carefully into the windows. You are supposed to discover what is going on in the next building. Hopefully, once you have an idea of what is happening, you’ll ask the question – why? What are we doing to cause this? And, what can be done to stop this?

Side Note: The building was designed so that all through it, it is off a bit. The building is designed to distract you, occupy your mind, and upon examination, the building shouldn’t make sense either. The building is a metaphor for the absurdity held within.

Detail images below. Please check out the close-ups

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