Art Bio and NEW Art Process

Jared M. Barbick, born in 1976, was raised in Palos Verdes, a picturesque seaside town in Southern California. Educated at both the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) and self taught, Barbick’s work has transitioned from an innovative style incorporating features of pop art and expressionism to unique works utilizing watercolor pencils on wood board and since 2016, delving into wood-block cutting and printing.

Barbick’s work has explored surrealism with paintings such as “Myriad small adventures” and “Farewell Party”. In addition, he has also inspired new genre’s of art such fine ar for children’s room where he painted animals in surrealistic environments with a childlike playfulness. Paintings such as “Forgiveness”, “Paper Dolls” and “Bebop” illustrate the artist’s broadness of exploration, addressing subjects such as protesting the war in Israel, depicting the children’s life during the Holocaust and capturing the emergence of the Bebop era. Today, most of Barbick’s works are environmentalism inspired and are works that strive to raise awareness and consciousness of the animals who inhabit our world and who share their lives with our own. He is known for creating captivating images that draw the audience in through the remarkable work with animal expressions as illustrated in the work “The Fire” and “Wonderment”.

About His New Art Form: Wood and Colored Pencil Animal Portraits

Recently, as of 2013-2014 Barbick has created a new way to present wild animals – on birch board custom cut and prepared by Barbick for his works. He starts this process finding the right grain and piece of wood. Then, he painstakingly has to prepare the wood to be long lasting and durable using his own materials. Afterwards, he textures the wood using his own method so that the pencil responds to the coating to get the right effect of fur and pointillism. Then, using water color pencils and a multi step process of layering pencil, adding water, detracting pigment, waiting for drying times and going over the area again and again with the same process he creates a one of a kind work of art not duplicatable by any one, even by Mr. Barbick. A piece of art with incredible depth and dimension. With a uniqueness not found anywhere else in the world.

See The Process Below: